2001 project


MY NEIGHBORHOOD DOWNTOWN is book of Tribeca photographs taken by Kara Pranikoff’s 2nd grade class at PS 234 in June 2001. The kids were each given a disposable camera, donated by Agfa, to photograph their neighborhood. The class brainstormed words to help organize the pictures, such as high, friendship, speed, big, huge, green, round and fun. After 9/11, the photographs collectively became a homage to downtown Manhattan and a celebration of the innocence and joy of childhood. An exhibition of the children’s prints was organized at the dfn Gallery in Tribeca in 2002, and this book was created to accompany the show.

Some of these remarkable photographs are featured in the film. Some are shown below.

The book is available for sale. All profits are donated to the PS 234 PTA.

Please contact Mark Shulman at mark@oomf.com to find out more.

All photographs ©2001 Kara Pranikoff and her 2nd grade class. Courtesy Oomf, Inc. All rights reserved.