On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a group of teenagers came back to PS 234, their old elementary school, 3 blocks north of the World Trade Center. They were little kids who were right there on 9/11, and they talked in one of their old classrooms. What do they remember of that day? How has 9/11 affected their opinions? How do they see the future?

This intimate short film was entirely shot on 9/11/11 at PS 234.

Renowned photographer Joanne Dugan took stills and video portraits.

In addition, the film has amazing neighborhood photographs taken in the summer of 2001 by a class of 2nd graders – a photography project using donated disposable cameras.

This is not a documentary about 9/11/01 or 9/11/11. It is a glimpse of some New York City kids – thoughtful, tolerant, hopeful and wise. Quiet voices in the din of post-9/11 prejudice and fear.


Run time: 16.33 minutes

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